Equipping church volunteers to

Serve Stronger & Serve Longer

Finally, a tool that’ll make your life easier, your volunteers happier, and your impact greater

Volunteer burnout. It’s a real thing. Promise Serves is a platform designed to address the specific needs of your Family Advocacy Ministry (FAM), minimizing the burden that many times comes along with serving.

The FAM model, like many other ministries, requires relationship management, admin, and volunteer coordination. We’ve created Promise Serves specifically to handle the custom needs this ministry requires. Promise Serves keeps your volunteers engaged, preventing burnout and ultimately, providing consistent support to families in need.

Watch this video to see how Promise Serves offers a tailored software experience that fills the gaps of a traditional church RMS / CRM solution.


“Best Match” Volunteers for Greater Community Impact

By caring for nearby families in need, your volunteers are better able to build relationships with those they’re serving and are more likely to serve consistently and effectively.

See how Promise Serves intelligently “Best Matches” the most fitting volunteers to families in need based on location and interests.

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Prevent Volunteer Burnout by Lessening the Admin Burden

By reducing the amount of admin work your volunteers undertake you can increase the longevity of their service.

See how Promise Serves reduces the complexity of administrative tasks and helps the ministry leader (the Advocate) turn multi-hour tasks into seconds of work–freeing them up to grow and support their Family Advocacy Ministry.

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Maintain Engaged Volunteers & See Your FAM Thrive

Ready to see your volunteers flourish? For better or worse, people are more likely to give their best if they’re enjoying their experience within the ministry.

See how Promise Serves goes beyond the traditional RMS / CRM model to match individuals with the right volunteer role, creating the most ideal service opportunity.

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Create a greater impact through volunteer “Best Matching”

Staying aware of the needs in your community and meeting those needs efficiently and consistently is a crucial aspect of any Family Advocacy Ministry. Promise Serves helps you accomplish this by finding the best match between your volunteers and the family being served.

Through a highly tailored geolocation process, Promise Serves uses the serving status of a volunteer, their preferred service role, and the proximity of their location to complete what we call volunteer “Best Matching.” Currently, no other RMS / CRM solutions are designed to meet this multifaceted challenge.

Why does volunteer “Best Matching” matter?

It ensures the volunteer is serving in the role they prefer without a needlessly long commute, resulting in a happy volunteer who’s more likely to serve that family for a longer period of time. Ultimately, Promise Serve’s “Best Matching” capabilities create the opportunity for stronger relationships between your volunteers and the families they’re serving.

Prevent Volunteer Burnout by Decreasing the Administrative Burden

As an Advocate, we know your heart is for vulnerable children. In an ideal world, you’re freed up to grow your team, lead your FAM, and serve your community. In reality, though, you’re like many other ministry leaders, sinking into the never-ending world of administrative tasks.

Beyond simply tracking contact information, Advocates need to be able to:

  • Coordinate volunteer orientation
  • Track volunteer service status
  • Maintain role preferences
  • Manage team assignments
  • Lead weekly communications with each team
  • Handle one-off need management, fulfillment and follow-up

One seemingly simple task, like finding the right volunteer to serve a family in need, can take multiple hours to complete, without Promise Serves.

Promise Serves is here to help you take back your day and invest time where it should be spent––growing your FAM, supporting your volunteers, and caring for vulnerable children and their families.

Advocates and volunteers are responsible for countless admin tasks specific to the Family Advocacy Ministry model, and church-based RMS / CRM software packages are ill-equipped to handle these specific needs. Promise Serves lightens this burden by completing those time-consuming administrative tasks within minutes.

By leveraging Promise Serves, you will save yourself and your volunteers time, ultimately allowing your FAM to better serve the families in your community.

Build a successful ministry, full of engaged volunteers

For better or worse, people are more likely to give their best if they’re enjoying their experience within the ministry. Promise Serves creates the opportunity for you to place your people in the most fitting roles, allowing your volunteers and your ministry to thrive.

We’re here to serve. Why does a positive ministry experience matter?

We get it. It’s easy to think of “serving” as “doing selfless acts for as long as it takes.” But the reality is, this mindset isn’t sustainable and typically results in high volunteer turnover. Many ministries make the common mistake of signing volunteers up based on need only, not taking into account the interests and gifts of the individual. While certain times call for an “all hands on deck” approach, the most successful ministries know how to coordinate volunteer roles in a way that results in long-term serving.

Promise Serves goes beyond the traditional RMS / CRM model to match individuals with the right volunteer role, creating the most ideal service opportunity. Ultimately, this tool helps you recruit and maintain engaged volunteers, establishing a flourishing Family Advocacy Ministry.

Security & Privacy

Promise Serves takes privacy very seriously. We know that dealing with vulnerable family situations requires the highest level of respect for an individual’s privacy and security. We accomplish this by adhering to the industry-standard privacy policy and coding standards. Being COPPA, CPPA and GDPR compliant, Promise Serves has policies and procedures in place that comply with the most stringent web privacy guidelines on the globe.

Promise Serves was built from the ground up on a framework that puts privacy at the forefront. From a non-public codebase to 256bit SSL security certificates, we’ve made sure that everything from the code to the server architecture is set up to provide the highest level of data privacy.

In addition to external privacy Promise Serves offers a suite of privacy options for the volunteers and churches to utilize. All volunteer data is only accessible by the advocates and staff at your church. If you choose to opt-out of cross-church teams then even your volunteers’ names will not be viewable by other churches. This ensures that your volunteer and served family data is completely protected inside of the scope of your church.

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